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Pemberton was a small depot for some years with a regular locomotive based there as well as the occasional engines being stabled overnight

At the northern end of the yard was a turntable, ash pit, coaling ramp and the single road Engine Shed

Unfortunately we have very few pictures of the engine shed and its facilities

If any body viewing this page is able to help out with pictures of this area please send to webmaster at pemtram@wn.com.au


This picture was supplied by Ex Pemberton based WAGR Guard - Fred Rance

Today the ash pit which can be seen just in front of the shed still survives  PTCo dug out the ash pit around 1998 to see if there was any value in reusing it. Many fire irons and other assorted bits and pieces were dug out of the pit. The downside to the pit was that it ran at an angle to mainline and any future use of the area there would be better suited with tracks running parallel to the main line. The ash pit has now been refilled in and is now marked by a storm drain grid as there is a flow of water through the pit during the winter months.

There is also a concrete pad still in situ which we assume is from where the small stores building was located on the side of the shed.

Mick Knight of South Hedland indicated on 22/12/2005 that the small shed at the side would have been the round hopper for drying sand for sand boxes (see the chimney). These were wood fired and at all country depots.

All other evidence of any facilities at this location is long gone which is consistent with Westrail's "Scarred earth" policy of abandoning locations

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