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Having sat in the yard at Pemberton for several months after arrival in January 2005, whilst other jobs took precedence in the gearing up of V1213 for the 2005 steam season which commenced early with Easter being at the end of March, AYF 706 was  moved up to the goods shed/workshop in early April where PTCo maintenance supervisor Wayne commenced some restoration work on the coach.

April 2005

Sanding back of columns, doors and beading



Painting with undercoat



After much sanding and preparation AYF was put into the Goods Shed for about a week and a bit where a couple of coats of paint were applied on all sides, ends and the roof.

On Monday 16th May the coach was shunted out of the shed to enable some other works to be carried out on the inspection pit. 

AYF 706 has been given PTCo's standard Brunswick Green & Cream with red stripe ( on the window sill beading) Livery

Work has commenced also on the interior of the coach with all seats having been removed to enable sanding and preparation of the internal surfaces of the coach for painting. All Doors still require rebuilding and painting & Handrails to be refitted.


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