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The Warren River Bridge is the Longest, Curved Timber Trestle Bridge still in use in Western Australia. Situated at the 179.4 km peg this bridge crosses the Warren River in the valley where the Lefroy Brook meets the Warren River. It is for this reason that the bridge is so long, as when there is heavy rainfall around Pemberton, the volumes of water that can flow through the area, can flood the valley quite seriously.

The bridge is 128 meters or 420 feet in length with 13 timber trestles (not including the abutments) and steel girder construction on a curve with canted track

Number 2 on the Warren River Bridge The Warren River

These pictures were taken on Sept 19 1991 by Neil Blinco

This was a year that there was reasonably good rainfall causing the Warren River to rise considerably

Looking south from tram 2 towards Northcliffe from the Pemberton end of the Warren River Bridge Number 2 poses on the Warren River Bridge. In the early days of PTCo the tram was reversed onto the bridge to enable this type of photo to be taken. It can be seen here that the water levels of the river were up. Looking from North towards Pemberton from the Northcliffe end of the Warren River Bridge

On the 21st of May 2005 whilst the Neil was operating the AM Warren River Tram it was found that the Warren River was in flood once again due to heavy rains inland earlier that week. Shown here below.

WRB Looking South

Water halfway up the Pylons

WRB Looking North


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