Twin Culverts   

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Along our section of railway there are many culverts which allow the passage or flow of the many small streams and creeks which feed into the river systems in the Pemberton, Warren Region.

As is the case with all culverts, whether they be used in road or railway, the culvert is very rarely seen by the persons who travel over them. Some of these structures can be quite a piece of engineering that is impressive to see.

The Twin Culverts are located on our railway at the 180.720km This is a favorite location for our Track Master - Peter Ellice who is seen here standing in front of the culvert

The Barrels of this culvert are approximately 2.5mtrs wide, 3.5mtrs high (large enough to park a van type vehicle in easily) and 20mtrs long.

This photo was taken during summer when the water levels are low, but there must have been good reason to build the 2 barrels to the size shown. The dark marks on the center pillar behind Peter at about waist level, show just how high the water has been, this would amount to a large volume of water.

The track bed is at least another 15mtrs above the top of the culvert. This shows the type of embankments built along the railway to traverse the land. This is only one of many similar embankments

As with most of the culverts along our railway, they were built on site with all timber formwork and mixing of concrete carried out manually (very few machines available) by the teams of up to 150 men who built the railway in the period from 1923 to 1933.

These type of culverts are known only to exist on the Pemberton to Northcliffe Railway. The first of these (which is only tiny compared to twin culvert) is 200mtrs south of a road known as Karri Rise which is in the Pemberton town site.

Although unknown as to how many culverts are along our railway, we estimate, there are at least 25 - 30 in varying sizes and shape.

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