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During September 2004 the webmaster  received an email from a Mr Alan Reynolds who was one of many Stationmasters at Pemberton, offering some pictures he had of the station area.

Pemberton Station Staff c1976

 From left to right

Assistant SM - Michael Hordienko,

R & DG Porter - Wally Adamczewski,

Junior Traffic Officer - Roy Read

Stationmaster - Alan Reynolds

Alan Reynolds was Stationmaster Pemberton from October 1964 to Dec. 1977 before being promoted to Assistant SM Bunbury.

The Reynolds family lived in the SM house for 13 years. It was up on the hill overlooking the station yard.

Stationmasters house Pemberton 1964 - photo by A Reynolds.

Alan wrote : "Our children used to walk through the hospital grounds into the back of the Pemberton School. When we first arrived, we had to park at the bottom of the 18 or so steps and walk up to the house. This very soon became a chore, particularly when carrying the young ones up after going out anywhere. A few years later I got a grader driver to cut a small road up along the fence and built a rough car-port. It was a bit hairy backing down at night but we managed."

Stationmasters house Pemberton 1975 - photo by A Reynolds.

Thanks to Alan Reynolds for his use of these pictures.


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