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Lefroy Bridge located at the 174.208 km mark on our railway is the 2nd crossing of the Lefroy brook when travelling from Pemberton to Northcliffe.

A double Tram crosses over Lefroy Bridge. This is another bridge which is difficult to photograph from the side.

On Lefroy Bridge heading for Cascades stop 40mtrs after the Bridge

The Cascades is just around a left hand bend in the river from Lefroy Bridge

Looking across Lefroy Bridge


The Lefroy Brook first passes under Bobs Bridge and then turns back on itself passing under Lefroy Bridge and then does a sharp left turn after Lefroy Bridge, passing through the beautiful spot that is the Cascades which runs parallel with the railway for about 100mtrs and then turns left again passing under Cascade Bridge. The three bridges mentioned are within 500mtrs of track which makes this a fairly unique piece of railway in Western Australia. The Lefroy brook is then crossed again on Redgum Bridge which is 2km further south of the Cascades area.


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