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Bridges of the Pemberton Tramway

For those who are not familiar with the section of railway from Pemberton to Northcliffe, there are several reasons why this section was a great railway to preserve and operate as a tourist railway. 7 good reasons are the Bridges.

From Pemberton to Northcliffe there were originally 8 Bridges in the railway, of which today there are now only 7. The first bridge was at the 171.900 km peg* just south of the sawmill, which was filled in many years ago due to it being highly unstable. It is now a high embankment.

Today there are 6 bridges in the first 10 km's from Pemberton.


These are : Eastbrook Bridge at 172.800 km peg,

Bob's Bridge at 173.957 km,

 Lefroy Bridge at 174.208 km,

 Cascade Bridge at 174.445 km,

Redgum Bridge at 176.429 km

Warren River Bridge at 179.402 km


Also of structural Interest is the Twin Culverts at 181.100km.  Although Not a Bridge, this culvert is worth looking at.


Bridge No 7 Dombakup Bridge at 196.111 km, is further south towards Northcliffe


The Warren River Bridge being 128 meters long, is the Longest Curved Timber Trestle Bridge, still in use in Western Australia. It has timber trestles and steel girders.


Dombakup Bridge, is to our knowledge, the only remaining completely timber trestle bridge still in use in WA i.e.: the only steel used in the bridge are the bolts that hold it together and the rails that run over the top. The rest is timber.


Our bridges cross a total of 4 rivers or streams.


They are  Eastbrook,  Lefroy River,  Warren River and Dombakup Creek


The Lefroy Brook is crossed 4 times, of which 3 of these bridges are in a short space of 500 meters. I know this sounds crazy, but it is true.

* km pegs are measured from the largest junction for the railway which in our case is Picton Junction, near Bunbury

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