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Pemberton Mill G class locomotives

In 1926 Number 55 was photographed by Alan Moon at the siding known as Barronhurst which is located 4km north of Pemberton at the top of the long hard climb, heading towards Manjimup. This is the only photo we have of Barronhurst Siding in operating days. It was one of the first sidings to be closed along the line, being closed in the late 40's. Today (2002) the remains of the loading dock can still be found at the site of Barronhurst although what is left is steadily falling apart and may eventually have to be demolished.


The North end of Browns Rd now runs through the middle of the old siding


Also in 1926, Locomotive Number 59 is captured in this photo by Alan Moon standing at the southern end of Pemberton Yard on sawmill track, presumably waiting to get the right away for a football special (as indicated on the photo) to possibly Manjimup being the nearest large township.

Of interest is the fitting of a headlamp and  "Chaney Spark Arrestor" and how well the tender is stacked with timber firewood.

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